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Martin Mcnabb

President Harmonious Enterprises

We’ve been locally producing GreenRelease for over 13 years.

The idea for GreenRelease came from the need to find an alternative to the toxic petroleum based concrete form release products that were the norm in the industry. Diesel was the most common release being used at the time. Having worked in construction I understood how unpleasant it was working with these chemicals, especially in the summer.

Aside from the hazards of working with these toxins, it was clear that all of the form release was being washed into the groundwater. Being an avid fisherman and outdoorsman I felt there must be a better alternative.

Finding no existing alternative, I established Harmonious Enterprises and created GreenRelease. GreenRelease is hydrocarbon based, but in a far less harmful form. It will biodegrade in under a month in optimal conditions and under 45 days in conditions that are less than optimal. It actually makes a great compost!

When GreenRelease first entered the market, the governement mandated VOC limit was 450 ppm for this type of product. In 2006 the government mandated that the VOC limit be to 250 ppm. GreenReleases VOC content is <2 ppm. It is safe to use under most conditions unless a mist is created, at which time a respirator must be worn.

Perhaps one of the main reasons for using GreenRelease is the price. In most markets it is equivalent or even cheaper than petroleum based products. Another advantage for using GreenRelease is that it is LEED certifiable with a possible 4 points available towards certification. Greenrelease was one of the first biodegradable concrete form releases in Canada. I’m proud of that! Over the years I’ve kept hundreds of thousands of litres of petroleum out of watersheds throughout western Canada. Your choosing to use Greenrelease will help.  We are also a member of the Canada Green Building Council.