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What is GreenRelease ?

GreenRelease is a chemically reactive, non-petroleum, bio-degradable form release.

“We recommend this product to everyone!”

Complete Concrete, Nanaimo

MSDS Information

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MSDS Information

  • HMIS Health 0, Fire 1, Reactivity 0
  • VOCContent < 2 g/L

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Physical Properties

Key product information


  • COLOR Pale Amber
  • GEL POINT Less than -5°C (26°F)
  • FLASH POINT 160°C (300°F)
  • VOC content < 2 g/L
  • SHELF LIFE 1 year (in original sealed container)

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GreenRelease Benefits

Why choose GreenRelease

Why Choose GreenRelease

  • Clean – Cuts stripping time
  • Organic – No petroleum, pleasant cherry odor
  • Non–staining – Will not discolor concrete
  • Efficient – Excellent coverage rate
  • Cost effective – Reduces clean up time
  • Easy application – Brush, sprayer or roller
  • Long Lasting form life
  • Economical – One coat coverage

25 years in the industry and it is the best form release I’ve ever used, period! If you’re tired of beating on forms to break them loose, this product is for you.

Campbell River Precast

We have been using GreenRelease, in our form rental dept, for over 11 years and are completely satisfied with its performance. Eco-friendly, efficient, cost effective, non-toxic, made in Canada, what else do you need.

JP Construction Supplies, Duncan

We’ve been using GreenRelease for almost 12 years and will continue using it into the future. We are so happy with its performance and not having to use toxic petroleum based products.

Island Form Rentals, Courtenay